Broken cashew nuts and its uses

Broken cashew nuts wodagri2

Cashew nuts are a great source of nutrients as they contain more vitamin c, calcium, iron and vitamin B1, soluble fiber, vitamins and minerals than other fruits, avocados and bananas. They are rich in “heart-friendly” monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid and palmitoleic acid. They also contain these essential fatty acids that help lower bad LDL-cholesterol while increasing good HDL cholesterol. Therefore, many studies have shown that regular daily consumption of cashew nuts can bring many health benefits, which in the long run will improve one’s overall health. Whole cashew nuts or broken cashew nuts have same nutrition, just different uses.

What are broken cashew nuts?

Broken cashew nuts is a type of cashew nut consisting of broken pieces of the cashew kernel and the crown of the cashew nut. The crown of the cashew nut (also known as the head of the cashew nut) is the place where the most nutrients are stored in the cashew nut.

Broken cashew nuts wodagri2

What are broken cashew nuts used for?

Broken Cashew nuts are often used very commonly in the food industry, they are used in:

  • Making cashew nut cake
  • Making cashew butter
  • Making Cashew Chocolate
  • Making cashew milk
  • Using to decor food

Broken Cashew Nut Production Process

Heat Treatment: The purpose of steaming cashews is because the heat makes the hard shell of the cashew nut softer, so that the outer shell of the cashew nut can be separated to get the white kernel inside. Raw cashews are put into a mini-boiler using direct heat, hot oil or steam… to treat the outer shell by temperature. After the heat treatment is complete, the cashews must be cooled down for about 12 hours before being split to get the kernels inside.

Cashew Shell Splitting: After the heat treatment is complete, Cashew Nuts are taken to remove the outer shell and get the inner kernel. This is a very difficult process, requiring skilled workers to be able to split the shell without breaking the kernel inside. After the shelling phase, we will have 3 products: Raw Cashew Shell, Raw Cashew Silk Shell, and Raw Cashew Kernel. In which, raw cashew kernels are passed through the grading & scoring department to consider their level.

Grading & Scoring: The cashew nut grading process is designed to classify white cashew kernels into different grades. White kernels are divided into two main categories, “Whole Nuts” and “Broken Nuts”. In exporting whole cashew nuts, Whole Nuts are divided into 15 different grades and Broken Nuts are divided into 9 grades.

Wodagri’s broken cashew nut product information

Broken cashew nuts wodagri

  • Product Name: Broken Cashew Nuts.
  • Ingredients: broken cashew kernel, crown of the cashew nut
  • Made in Viet Nam
  • Humidity: max 5%
  • Cleaned through metal detector
  • Cleaned through the dust sieve system
  • Particle size through sieve hole 2.80mm & 1.70mm